Set up your editor for Unison

This document is a collection of user-submitted instructions for setting up a text editor for Unison development. This document is a UnisonDocterm in aUnison codebaseand contributions are welcome!



  1. Installvim-plugif you haven't already.
  2. Add the following to your .vimrc:
Plug 'unisonweb/unison', { 'branch': 'trunk', 'rtp': 'editor-support/vim' }
  1. Issue the vim command:PlugInstall.

For more information run:help unisonfrom within vim or view theonline help doc.


From the console, run:

apm install unisonweb/atom-unison

VS Code

  1. Bring up the Extensions view by clicking on the Extensions icon in the Activity Bar on the side of VS Code, or with ⇧⌘X.
  2. Search for "unison"
  3. Select "Unison Syntax Highlighting" and click "Install."