😃 Community

Welcome! Here are some of the places where folks discuss Unison:

Some common community questions and topics

How do I share my code?

If you want to publicly share your code (or look at code that others have shared), check out Unison Share.

You use the Unison Codebase Manager's push command, to write it to your own remotely hosted repository.

(There's also always the option of zipping up your .unison directory! Its contents are free-standing and portable.)

Are you looking for help with developing Unison?

Yes! Please come and get involved 😊

The first step is to play with the language, and get familiar with writing Unison code. Also come join the slack, and browse through the issue tracker to see what's going on.

Contributing Unison code

Is there a library you could write in Unison? That's a way to contribute which requires very little coordination with the compiler team, and can have a big impact on the usability of the overall Unison ecosystem. There's a catalog of libraries here - do add yours! Let us know in the Discord (channel #libraries) what you're working on 😎

You could also try fixing some omissions from the base library - check out the tickets tab in the Base project for the contributions that would be most welcome.

Contributing to the Unison language/compiler/toolchain

You can dip your toes by finding small ways to contribute a little piece: - take a look at the issues labelled good first issue and help wanted - see if you can find any tidying or refactoring you think needs doing in the parser-typechecker source (chat to us on Discord before spending much time) - are there any contributor docs you'd like to see which you could make a start on?

Once you've had your first PR merged and gotten to know how we work, have a think whether you want to take on a bigger project! There's lots of cool stuff to do. Get in touch with Paul Chiusano via the Discord and give him an idea of your areas of interest and level of experience. If you have your own suggestions for what you could work on then let him know!