Check out what we’re excited about and working on at the moment 😎

The roadmap is of course not an exhaustive list of our efforts and is very much subject to change.


Active and ongoing efforts.

  • Runtime
  • Performance

JIT compiler: milestone 1

Compile Unison to native code.

Initial milestone is being able to compile enough of the language to power the backend of Unison Cloud.
  • Cloud
  • Services

Unison Cloud microservices

Promote any Unison function to a typed microservice.

Turn any microservice into an autoscaled HTTP endpoint; call Unison-native services without serialization boilerplate.
  • Unison Share
  • UCM

Projects: milestone 1

Dedicated commands for creating public or private projects and branches and publishing them to Unison Share.

A building block for collaboration features like merge requests and issue tracking, as well as nicer support for dependency management.


Things we are quite likely to work on Next.

  • Unison Share
  • UCM

Projects: merge requests and issue tracking

Support for creating and commenting on merge requests.

Structural, hyperlinked diffs and code comments.

Basic issue tracking.
  • UCM

Redesigned update process

Code updates that 'Just Work', guiding users through structured refactoring sessions in response to changes.

More intelligent merge algorithms.
  • Cloud
  • Services

Stateful Unison Cloud microservices

Stateful services using Unison-native storage, without manual serialization code to/from a datastore.


Things we are considering working on in the future.

Dependency management

  • Unison Share
  • UCM
Easy dependency management and library upgrades.

Graphical UCM

  • UCM
All the same functionality as UCM, but in a rich UI.

• Command palette with typeahead.
• Hyperlinked code viewing.
• Structural diffs.

JIT compiler: milestone 2

  • Runtime
  • Performance
Support JIT of all Unison programs.

Extensible records

  • Core language
Support for extensible records; an extension to the syntax and the type system.

Advent of Cloud and Unison Cloud public beta

  • Cloud
Unison Cloud open to all users, with supporting learning materials.