Check out what we’re excited about and working on at the moment 😎

The roadmap is of course not an exhaustive list of our efforts and is very much subject to change.


Recently shipped efforts and milestones.

  • Runtime
  • Performance

JIT compiler beta release

Compile Unison to native code.
  • UCM

Redesigned merge algorithm

Branch merges that 'Just Work'.
  • Unison Share
  • UCM

Structural hyperlinked diffs

Structural hyperlinked diffs for Contributions on Unison Share.


Active and ongoing efforts.

  • Cloud
  • Performance

JIT compilation: Milestone 1

Use JIT compiler for all nodes on Unison Cloud.
  • Unison Share
  • UCM

UCM quality of life improvements

Examples: per project undo and reflog, fast shallow clones, bugfixes and performance improvements.
  • Cloud

Daemons: long-running resillient background tasks

A powerful building block for scheduled jobs, distributed event processing, resillient workflows and more.


Things we are quite likely to work on Next.

  • Cloud

Scheduled jobs and cloud cron

Open source library for resilient scheduled jobs and recurring jobs.
  • Cloud

Distributed event processing

Open source library for distributed event processing, streaming map-reduce, and lots more.
  • Unison Share
  • Cloud

Code search on Unison Share

Search across all projects on Unison Share.

Implemented using an open source Unison library, running atop Unison Cloud.
  • UCM

Graphical UCM

All the same functionality as UCM, but in a rich UI.

• Command palette with typeahead.
• Hyperlinked code viewing.
• Structural diffs.


Things we are considering working on in the future.

Dependency management

  • Unison Share
  • UCM
Easier dependency management and library upgrades.

Proper record types

  • Core language
Support for extensible records; an extension to the syntax and the type system.