📓Exercise: Implement functions with Ability operations

rangeAverage : Nat ->{Store [Nat]} Float
rangeAverage n = base.todo "implement me"

Using theStoreability to keep track of aListof numbers, write a function which takes in some numbernofNatas an upper bound of a list from0up to (but not including)nand returns the average of the final list.

So, given an upper value of5,the average produced would be the average of[0, 1, 2, 3, 4],or2.0


One possible solution is as follows:

averageOfRange : Nat ->{Store [Nat]} Float
averageOfRange n =
  go = cases
      | i Nat.== n ->
        use Float /
        use Nat toFloat
        myList = Store.get
        listSize = List.size myList
        sum =
          use Nat +
          List.foldLeft (acc element -> element + acc) 0 myList
        toFloat sum / toFloat listSize
      | otherwise  ->
        use List +:
        use Nat +
        Store.modify (currentList -> i +: currentList)
        go (i + 1)
  go 0