Jobs at Unison Computing

Our mission: advance what's possible with software and work to make software creation simpler and more accessible to all.

Working at Unison Computing

Unison Computing is a seed stage startup and apublic benefit corp.You can read more about the company's background and our missionin this post.See theUnison Strange Loop talkfor an introduction to the core ideas behind Unison and alsothe Unison documentation sitefor more about the Unison language.

We love statically-typed functional languages such as Elm, PureScript, Scala, Haskell, and Unison itself. We hope that you'll be excited to learn about them if you haven't already.

We're committed to building a friendly, welcoming, and diverse community of Unison programmers, and it's important to us that you'd commit to this as well.

And probably the most important thing we are looking for: enthusiasm for making computing better, a belief that the (computing) world is what we make of it, and an ability and willingness to learn whatever is necessary to make a new vision of computing a reality. Regardless of your past experience, you will often find yourself in uncharted territory. We think that's part of the fun and hope you will too!


We are based inSomerville, MA,but we are a remote-first company and nobody has even been to the office since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Our hiring is not limited to United States based applicants. Although we ask that some working hours overlap with a 9-5ETwork day, we also recognize that our team members are also parents, hobbyists, family members, and community members, and we are happy that our flexibility allows us to flourish both professionally and personally.

The company offers competitive benefits, paid parental leave, and a vacation policy that emphasizes work/life balance.

Open Positions

We're not currently looking to hire for any roles right now, but even when we're not trying to fill a specific position, we love to hear from folks who are excited about what we're trying to accomplish and want to help make it happen. So check out theHow to Applysection, drop us a line, and we'll contact you first whenever we do have an opening that seems like a good fit.

How to Apply

Send an email's what to include:

  • Tell us who you are and why you want to work on Unison.
  • Include your résumé/CV or a link to it (LinkedIn is fine).
  • If you have any past work that you'd like to share with us—open-source projects, publications, talks, articles, blog posts; or something else you're proud of—we'd love to see it!
  • Let us know where you are currently based.
  • What questions do you have about the role?

We look forward to hearing from you!

Paul, Rúnar, Arya