Reviewing a PR

Once a contributor has created acontributor branchand pushed it to Unison Share, their contribution will show up in the project's Unison Share contributions page.

Image of the contributions page with a "submit contributions" button at the top.

Click on the contribution you'd like to review and you can see a description of the changes and the name of the branch being submitted for review.

The contributions panel contains a helpful tooltip with steps for reviewing the contribution, in case you forget!

Image of the "how to review contributions" modal.

You'll need to clone the branch locally to review and merge it in.

myProject/main> clone /@contributor/featureBranch

You can use themerge.previewcommand to see what changes will be made to the project if you merge in the contributor's branch.

myProject/@contributor/featureBranch> merge.preview /@contributor/featureBranch /main

If you're happy with the changes, you can merge the contributor's branch into your project'smainbranch.

myProject/@contributor/featureBranch> merge /@contributor/featureBranch /main

Finally, push your changes back to Unison Share to make them available to others orcreate a release!