Creating an author and license

If you intend to publish your code in a project for others to use, you'll want to specify a license at the root of your project laying out the conditions under which others may use it.

First create an author with thecreate.authorcommand. It's perfectly fine to create a newmetadata.Authorterm per project, but if your author term is already defined in a library dependency included in the project, you can refer to that instance in your license instead of creating a new one.

project1/main> aliceCoder "Alice Coder"

This adds the following values to your codebase:

1. metadata.authors.aliceCoder          : metadata.Author
2. metadata.authors.aliceCoder.guid     : GUID
3. metadata.copyrightHolders.aliceCoder : CopyrightHolder

Next, create a License with aCopyrightHolderandLicenseTypeunder which to publish your code. The license is an ordinary Unison value of typeLicense.In your scratch file, you'll create a license value like this:

   License [copyrightHolders.aliceCoder] [Year 2023] licenseTypes.bsd3

Your Unison authorship information is linked to the project via inclusion in this term.

Add that to your project at the top-level of the project:

project1/main> add