Term declarations

A Unison term declaration (or "term binding") consists of an optionaltype signature,and aterm definition.For example:

timesTwo : Nat -> Nat
timesTwo x = x * 2

The first line in the above is atype signature.The type signaturetimesTwo : Nat -> Natdeclares that the term namedtimesTwois a function accepting an argument of typeNatand computes a value of typeNat.The typeNatis the type of 64-bit natural numbers starting from zero. SeeUnison typesfor details.

The second line is the term definition. The=sign splits the definition into aleft-hand side,which is the term being defined, and theright-hand side,which is the definition of the term.

The general form of a term binding is:

name : Type
name p_1 p_2p_n = expression