🧰 Codebase and tooling setup

If you haven't downloaded the Unison codebase manager,check out our quickstart guideand head right back here! The install directions are at the top. ⏱ Be sure to wait for thebaselibrary to download. We'll need it to complete the labs.

From now on, issuing the commanducmin your terminal will open the default Unison codebase. The default codebase is located in~/.unison.

Now that you've created a codebase, you may want to think aboutcreating an author and license for your codebase.

Set up a remote repository for your codebase by creating a new repository on your favorite git hosting website. You can perform an initial sync with your remote Unison share codebase by running thepush.createcommand in the UCM. It should look something like:

.> push.create myUser.public.myProject .myProject

You may want to familiarize yourself with the UCM operations and basic functions mentioned inthe Unison Tour doc,if you haven't done that already.