May 08, 2024

Unison Share's implementation is now open source

Paul ChiusanoChris PennerSimon Højberg

Hi folks, the implementation of Unison Share is now open source! It's MIT licensed, just like the Unison language itself. Here are links to the repositories:

Unison Share uses Haskell + PostgreSQL for the backend, and Elm for the front-end. See the READMEs of those projects for notes on self-hosting.


In short, it's because we want the Unison language to belong to everyone. The core language and local tooling has always been open source, but as Unison Share has become so important to the basic Unison developer experience (it's how everyone hosts code and releases, docs, etc), it began to feel increasingly off that it was proprietary.

Unison Computing is a Public Benefit Corp. Creating high-quality open source technology is part of our company's mission, and selling Unison Share was never really our business model.

Instead, our company's main product is Unison Cloud, which we host or can install in a customer's own VPC (or even on-premise). But we are happy if the Unison ecosystem is much bigger than the cloud and if many folks use Unison "just" as a nice standalone programming language with great tooling. Everyone is welcome.

Thanks again! If you're interested in contributing to Unison Share's implementation, come by the Discord to chat.