Nov 20, 2023

Introducing Contributions

Simon Højberg

We're excited to announce that "pull requests" are finally live! They are enabled for all projects across Unison Share. "Contributions," as we've chosen to call them, serve as the main point of collaboration for Unison projects. They are how you'd present your work to project maintainers for review, approval, and merging.

Clicking the "contributions" tab in the project navigation will show you all contributions. Here, you can view the details of a contribution or submit a new one.

List of contributions for a project

Submitting a contribution allows you to select your contributor branch (these are created when cloning a project and creating a branch for your new work) and a target branch.

Contribution submission modal

We've updated our Terms of Service to include a note about the interplay of contributions and the project's license.

The contribution feature set is in its nascency right now. We wanted to get something in users' hands quickly since there wasn't any natural way to interact on contributions. We're working hard to add support for comments, diffs, and merging—structural diffs are something we're incredibly excited to explore. Be on the lookout for these improvements shortly.

We hope this alleviates some of the collaboration pain points. Go forth, contribute, and collaborate 🎉!