Nov 27, 2023

Join Unison for the Advent of Code 2023

Rebecca Mark

Season's greetings! We’d like to warmly invite all programming enthusiasts to join us in tackling this year's Advent of Code in the Unison programming language. Here are some of the ways you can participate in the festivities. 🎁

1. Download the Advent of Code template project

Unison comes equipped with its very own template project for completing the Advent of Code. You can use this project to download your puzzle inputs and submit your solutions, all without having to leave the Unison Codebase Manager. No need to juggle between multiple tools or text files; Unison streamlines the entire process for you! Read more about how to use this library here.

2. Learn and share with others

Past participants have generously documented their puzzle-solving thought processes, providing explainers for many of the challenges written in the Unison Doc format. We collected a few of our favorites in last year’s Advent of Code writeup. We hope this is a tradition that we’ll carry forward to this year.

3. Collaborate in real time

There are a few active community channels dedicated to the Advent of Code. Members of our #advent-of-code Slack channel have created daily threads for their questions and solutions in the past. You can also join our Advent-of-Code Discord channel for streaming or screen sharing.

4. Climb the leaderboard

Team up with fellow programmers and collect your stars on our community leaderboard. To sign up, head to https://adventofcode.com/2023/leaderboard/private and enter the code 96155-309fe9eb.

🎄 We’re excited for the month to come! Head over to our community spaces, start practicing your puzzle solving skills, and may your Advent-of-Code be filled with joy!